WATCH | Doctors sing for healing and people love it!

13 February 2019 - 14:33 By Nonkululeko Njilo
Image: Christo Thurston

Two young female doctors are warming the hearts of many with their rendition of the gospel hymn Phind’ukhulume moya oyingcwele, which loosely translates as "speak again, holy spirit".

The duo is captured singing in harmony while sitting on a hospital bed. The video, posted by Christo Thurston, was shared and liked more than 25,000 times on Twitter and has received 4,745 views on Instagram since Wednesday morning. 

With their eyes closed, the doctors sing: “Ngoba zonk’izono ebengizenza namhla zisobala ebusweni bakho, phind’ukhulume moya oyigcwele, phind’ukhulume nkosi yami”. The verse means: "Because all the sins I have committed are before you, speak again holy spirit, speak again my Lord."

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Phind'ukhulume - The singing and praying doctors

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Positive responses flowed from people who watched the clip, with the doctors receiving praise for their "angelic" voices.

Some Twitter users commented that they would be happy to be treated at the hospital where the doctors work because healing seemed certain. 

Jolene Mojela responded via Instagram, saying: "The lives of our patients are definitely in good hands. #Holistic approach."

Dr Jack Ledwaba commented on Twitter: "South Africa is uniting while politicians fight ... Viva unity."

His sentiment was shared by many, who encouraged other South Africans to adopt a similar approach.