WATCH | Bizarre church 'miracles' that will leave you deeply shooketh

27 February 2019 - 08:58 By Jessica Levitt

Pastor Alph Lukau from Alleluia Ministries has dominated headlines after video footage showing him "resurrecting" a man from the dead went viral.

Lukau's church later backtracked on the video, claiming the man had already started to "come to life" prior to arriving at the church and he only "completed God's work".

Lukau is not the only pastor to make headlines for his shock "miracles."

South Africa has seen a number of pastor getting national attention for their controversial practises. From turning petrol to juice and healing "pimples on the vagina", flocks of congregants go to church every week to get "healed".

There has been strong condemnation from various quarters about the lack of regulation in both the church and funeral industry.