WATCH | Hilarious viral video reveals the 'secret power' of Woolies water

12 March 2019 - 08:09 By Jessica Levitt

A video of a group of young men demonstrating the "special powers" of Woolworths water has gone viral.

Speaking in IsiZulu, the group of guys are holding bottled water from the upmarket retailer and are chatting about how they've heard it can work magic.

"S'phethe amanzi ase Woolworths bafethu, sphethe amanzi ase Woolworths. K'thiwa ane power." Roughly translated, it means: "We're drinking Woolworths water, we hear it has special powers." 

In a hilarious twist, one swig of the water has the guys speaking English - with an added 'boytjie' accent.

Mzansi was here for every moment and soon enough the video made it on all timelines.