More damning claims against Alph Lukau: 'I was never healed. I never had HIV'

13 March 2019 - 10:24 By Cebelihle Bhengu
Alleluia Ministries Pastor Alph Lukau at his main church in Sandton.
Alleluia Ministries Pastor Alph Lukau at his main church in Sandton.

A report by SABC's investigative news programme Cutting Edge on Tuesday reported that leader of Alleluia Ministries pastor Alph Lukau targets poor, non-SA citizens to testify to being recipients of "miracles" by paying them.

Lukau dominated news headlines less than a month ago when he "resurrected" Brighton Moyo, who was initially introduced as Elliot. It was claimed at the time that Moyo had been "dead" for three days.

The investigation opened a can of worms as more people spoke up against Lukau and all the acts they were paid to pull before the recent "resurrection".

Samantha Revesai alleged that she was tricked into lying to congregants about receiving healing from HIV. "I was not positive, I've never been positive. They wanted me to act as if I was positive and then pastor prayed for me so they can attract more people to come to the church."

The church's lawyers still maintained that Lukau never directly claimed to have resurrected the man. Bui Gaca, who is the spokesperson of the church also dismissed claims that the miracles are fake.

People flooded Twitter to share their thoughts on the revelations made in the show.

At the height of the resurrection scandal, Alleluia ministries backtracked and said that "Eliot" was already breathing when he got to the church and said the pastor had in fact "finished what God had already started".