WATCH | Former Mpumalanga pupil shot in leg by police in viral video dies

WARNING: Graphic imagery. Not for sensitive viewers.

22 March 2019 - 12:16 By Nico Gous

The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) is investigating the death of a former pupil at Mmametlhake Secondary School in Phelindaba, Mpumalanga, who was  shot in the leg by police and has subsequently died.

"This follows the shooting of Derrick Bopape at the mentioned school after he threw bricks at windows and attacked police officers in their vehicle two weeks ago," Ipid spokesperson Moses Dlamini said on Friday.

"Ipid was investigating the discharge of a police firearm in line with its mandate. The investigation will now focus on the death of Bopape."

A video of the shooting on March 7 circulated on social media. In it, Bopape hurled bricks at the school's windows.

Seconds later, a police van accelerated on to the school grounds, but Bopape seemed undeterred. As the officers were about to get out, one of Bopape's bricks slammed into and shattered the passenger window.

The officers tried to retreat, but Bopape continued. While the police van was moving, the driver's colleague was flung from the passenger seat. The female officer landed on the ground.

As Bopape headed towards her with a brick in hand, he was shot in the leg.

Bopape was arrested and taken to the Mmametlhake Hospital.

Mpumalanga education department spokesperson Jasper Zwane said earlier that Bopape had gone to the school to see the principal.

"It is alleged that when he was told he could not see the principal, he became violent and started throwing bricks, destroying the school's windows."

Police spokesperson Brig Leonard Hlathi explained earlier that officers had tried to avoid a direct confrontation with Bopape, but he continued his "inexplicably crazy actions".

The Ipid investigation continues and no arrest has been made.