NSPCA removes ailing lions from North West breeding facility

12 April 2019 - 16:16
By Naledi Shange
Ailing lions have been removed from a North West breeding facility.
Image: Supplied / NSPCA Ailing lions have been removed from a North West breeding facility.

The National Council of the SPCA on Friday revealed the terrible conditions suffered by  a number of wild animals at a captivity facility in North West.

Senior inspector Douglas Wolhuter detailed how two lion cubs, who were seemingly suffering from a neurological condition, were found unable to walk.

"Other issues such as small enclosures and inadequate shelter, no provision of water, overcrowding, and filthy and parasitic conditions were noted in the camps that contained the lions, caracals, tigers, and leopards. Twenty-seven of the lions had mange and the caracals were obese and unable to properly groom themselves," Wolhuter said.

The facility is used to breed wild animals which are later traded locally and internationally. 

Wolhuter said due to the dire conditions in which the animals were found, veterinary medics had attended to them. They removed the two lion cubs from the facility. 

Based on the medical reports, they would decide whether to pursue legal action against the facility. 

"At the moment, we  are investigating a case invoking the Animal Protection Act," said Wolhuter. 

He expressed shock at the state in which the animals were found.

"It is deplorable that any animal would be forced to live in such conditions, with such medical ailments. The fact that these are wild animals that are already living unnatural lives in confinement for the purposes of trade, just makes it more horrific," he said.