High noon for Cape Town 'drug wholesaler' as raid nets massive haul

16 May 2019 - 17:08 By aron hyman
An imitation firearm was recovered in a large drug bust in Parklands, Cape Town, on May 16 2019.
An imitation firearm was recovered in a large drug bust in Parklands, Cape Town, on May 16 2019.
Image: City of Cape Town

City of Cape Town law enforcement and police officers busted an alleged drug distributor with more than R300,000 in cocaine and tik in Parklands on Thursday.

A Nigerian was arrested after a raid on a residential complex where the contraband was found along with R12,500 in cash and an imitation firearm. 

The operation was conducted by members of the city's gang and drug task team and police crime intelligence officers.

"A joint crime intelligence operation led to the arrest of a suspect in his late 30s for dealing in illegal substances," said police spokesperson Lt-Col Andrè Traut.

"A search warrant was executed at the complex in Parklands Main Road at noon today. The officers found cocaine with a street value of R185,040; crystal meth valued at R168,000; drug paraphernalia valued at R4,000; a gas-propelled firearm; and a large amount of cash."

According to a source close to the raid, it is believed the suspect was a "wholesaler" of drugs in the Parklands area, with cocaine being supplied for distribution in the nearby beachfront nightclubs.

Cocaine mixed with other products, or cat, is also sold to students.

The source said an alarming number of students and business people used tik to "stay awake".

Drug wholesalers constantly robbed one another, said the source, and the BB gun would be used to intimidate a would-be attacker.

"If you pointed that at me I would think it was a real firearm. You would have to handle it to find out that it's not the genuine article," said the source.

"You would be surprised to see who is on tik these days. It's a cheaper drug. We often get students because they want to stay awake and study.

"On the Cape Flats they use tik to get 'strength' to go and shoot. Once they're done shooting they use heroin or unga to come down, so they can relax again."