Want to bargain with your e-cab driver over price? With inDriver you can

17 May 2019 - 06:25 By Naledi Shange
New cab e-hailing company inDriver promises its customers a different experience.
New cab e-hailing company inDriver promises its customers a different experience.
Image: Gallo Images/iStock

A new e-hailing company, inDriver, will let drivers and passengers bargain over prices.

In a statement, the company said this would not only benefit riders, but its drivers, too. inDriver said passengers could decide how much they wanted to spend on their trip, but would also let drivers barter with potential riders for more money.

There are an estimated 3,000 drivers registered by the company in Johannesburg.

“Passengers enter the amount they are willing to pay for a trip and drivers then bid on the offer. The bargaining function on the app makes the ride-hailing service well suited to longer commutes, from neighbouring suburbs into hubs like Sandton and the CBD.

“A unique feature to inDriver is that drivers are not automatically assigned to riders. Passengers receive multiple offers from drivers in the area and are given the opportunity to select one based on fare amounts, driver ratings, estimated time of arrival and vehicle model. The trip is confirmed once both parties agree to the fare," the company said.

With this feature, inDriver says riders could save between 20% and 30% of what they would normally pay for other e-hailing cab services.

Unlike other systems, however, inDriver said it worked on a cash-only basis.

The service, which is also on offer in Cape Town, states: “A safety button for both driver and rider, linked to emergency numbers, has been incorporated into the app. In addition, both parties can share their GPS location and other details of rides in real time with trusted contacts.”

The app can be downloaded from mobile app stores.