Krugersdorp murder mastermind Cecilia Steyn's jail lover is a killer too, court hears

Accuses father of childhood abuse, cop husband brings her children to see her

12 August 2019 - 13:53 By IAVAN PIJOOS
Cecilia Steyn's husband Dries, a police officer, described her as a wonderful friend and mother to their two children.
Cecilia Steyn's husband Dries, a police officer, described her as a wonderful friend and mother to their two children.
Image: Iavan Pijoos/TimesLIVE

Cecilia Steyn has engaged in a relationship with an inmate who is serving 15 years for murder, the South Gauteng High Court heard on Monday morning.

This was revealed in Steyn's evaluation report carried out by probation officer and social worker Anette Vergeer.

Vergeer was testifying in mitigation of sentence proceedings of the "Krugersdorp Killers" - housewife Cecilia, insurance broker Zak Valentine and then-schoolgirl Marcel Steyn.

Vergeer described Cecilia Steyn as a "sickly" person who receives medication in prison and would often go to hospital.

Steyn was born in 1980 in Harrismith, the social worker told the court. She dropped out of school at the age of 15, and was once suspended from school for drinking.

She has only worked once in her life, at a daycare centre.

Steyn said her father was "tough" and used to abuse his children.

While her report was being read out, Steyn sat unfazed and close to Valentine in the dock.

Vergeer, who described Steyn as a "model prisoner" in her report, said she was married to her first husband, a foreigner, for only four days. She helped him obtain "a green card".

She later married Andries "Dries" Steyn, a police officer. They were married for 15 years before her arrest.

They lived separate lives, but her husband remains supportive and allows Steyn to see her children in prison.

Dries described Cecilia as a wonderful friend and mother to their children. He has since obtained full custody of the children, a 16-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter.

In the report, Steyn said her children were severely affected by the case.

She said she has no contact visits with her children and sees them only through glass panels at prison.

Her son was 12 when she was arrested and has since became an aggressive and angry child. Dries said the case had also affected the children academically. The boy used to excel in sport and represented Gauteng at provincial level, but no longer participates.

Dries believes his wife was framed in the crimes.

Vergeer told the court Steyn did not show any remorse.

She did not prescribe a suitable sentence, but thought life imprisonment was applicable.

Six conspirators, eleven deaths; this is the story of how a group of people living in Krugersdorp, west of Johannesburg, went on a four-year killing spree. With three of the perpetrators behind bars, the remaining three are awaiting to be sentenced on August 12 2019.