I'm not giving up on my biological mom yet, says Zephany Nurse

15 August 2019 - 18:52 By Ernest Mabuza
Known as Zephany Nurse, Miché Solomon chose to reveal her real identity.
Known as Zephany Nurse, Miché Solomon chose to reveal her real identity.
Image: Badoo/Miche Solomon

Zephany Nurse has not ruled out mending the relationship with her biological mother, but admits that the relationship is strained.

Nurse, now known as Miché Solomon after a court ruled her real name could be made public this week, is now 22 years old. She was stolen from hospital when she was a few days old and only reunited with her biological parents 18 years later.

Solomon, is the eldest daughter of Morne Nurse and his former wife, Celeste. The Nurses were already divorced when they were reunited with Solomon in 2015.

Lavona Solomon is serving a 10-year sentence for kidnapping Miché. Lavona raised Miché  as her own child for 18 years.

Speaking to John Maytham on Cape Talk on Thursday afternoon, Solomon described Michael Solomon, the man she grew up knowing as her father, as "my hero".

But she could not say the same about her biological father, Morne.

"I am not trying to justify what Lavona did. I am always finding myself having the comparison between my father Morne and my daddy Michael. It is just something that always happens when I am in a situation. I am always comparing and I am like there are certain things that I wish Morne could do as Michael would do for me.

"In some situations I just wish he could have controlled ... handled situations the way Michael would; more sensitively, [with] more understanding and not just roughly," Solomon said.

She described the difficulties she had when she reunited with her biological parents, and said there were reasons as to why there was space between her and them.

On her relationship with her biological mother Celeste, Solomon said Celeste came to help her to look after her kids.

"That is where I could see I could start trusting her because there was that lack in my life. But then something happened. I am not going to say it. It is in the book. Something personal. It kept happening."

Solomon said Celeste knew about these issues.

"There are certain things it is not normal for a mum to do," Solomon said.

She said although she had told herself that she needed to give her biological parents a chance, she had accepted they were "broken people".

Solomon said she had accepted that her relationship with Lavona would not be the same.

"Nothing is going to be the same. Me and Michael, we are willing to rebuild that relationship with her. The relationship with my biological mother... we might never have that relationship she dreamed of us having. I am leaving the door open. There are things we are struggling with and I am not shutting the door."