WATCH | Joburg CBD protests claim two more lives, despite calls for peace

09 September 2019 - 15:51
By Emile Bosch

Former IFP leader Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi begged furious hostel dwellers in Jeppestown on Sunday to end the violence that has spread across the province. 

Jeppestown was the epicentre of the recent unrest, which has spread through Gauteng like wildfire. 

Buthelezi described the violence as unconstitutional and "purely xenophobic". 

However, his speech was not met with a warm reception by the large crowd that had gathered. Many of the attendees marched out and around the park during Buthelezi's speech, displaying their unhappiness. 

The Jeppestown hostel dwellers, predominantly Zulu, failed to listen to their prince's pleas. They decided to march through nearby Maboneng and into Joburg's CBD, smashing windows and attacking passing cars.

Two people were reportedly left dead and five injured.

Police continue to monitor the area.