Eskom implements stage 2 load-shedding

07 November 2019 - 20:25
By Matthew Savides
Eskom implemented load-shedding at short notice on Thursday night.
Image: 123RF/rasslava Eskom implemented load-shedding at short notice on Thursday night.

Embattled power utility Eskom announced on Thursday night that load-shedding would kick in from 10pm.

In a statement, Eskom said that the reason for the load-shedding was because of power generation units being lost earlier in the day.

“Earlier in the week we communicated to the public that any unexpected shift in generating capacity such as additional unplanned breakdowns and the depletion of our emergency reserves may necessitate the need to implement load-shedding at short notice.

“Today [Thursday] we lost three additional generating units and had to use our emergency reserves in order to meet demand throughout the day,” the statement said.

Eskom said that the stage two rotational power cuts would last from 10pm on Thursday to 5am on Friday. However, it said that the risk of continued load-shedding into Friday was “high” if the three generation units did not return to service overnight.

“Eskom has been working around the clock to avoid load-shedding this week given the constrained state of the system. Despite our best efforts, we have to implement load-shedding this evening,” the statement read.