IN MEMES | Load-shedding could put you in some awks situations

08 November 2019 - 09:53 By Unathi Nkanjeni
Eskom is load shedding again and some South Africans found humour in adversity.
Eskom is load shedding again and some South Africans found humour in adversity.
Image: 123RF/rasslava

Eskom again implemented Stage 2 load-shedding on Thursday night, as the power utility  lost three additional generating units.

The power cuts, according to Eskom, were due to an “unexpected shift in generating capacity”. 

“Earlier in the week we communicated to the public that any unexpected shift in generating capacity, such as additional unplanned breakdowns and the depletion of our emergency reserves, may necessitate the need to implement load-shedding at short notice.

“We lost three additional generating units and had to use our emergency reserves in order to meet demand throughout the day,” said Eskom.

While stage two was only set for Thursday night, the power utility said that the risk of continued load-shedding into Friday was “high” if the three generating units did not return to service overnight.

South Africans, known for their humorous reactions to adverse conditions, turned to social media on Thursday to share jokes about the awkward situations they found themselves in.

Here are the latest memes and messages doing the rounds on social media.

“I'm blind”

'Study for who?”

When the president is trying to ask for coins

Just as you were about to visit a “friend”

Just as you were about to make a chart topper

“Not at Bree please”

When you forget to charge your phone

“Anytime after the rugby”

When we delete the apps about load-shedding

Why don't we sell the World Cup trophy?