No plates and excessive revving lands Lambo in the pound after Durban raid

09 December 2019 - 12:50 By SUTHENTIRA GOVENDER
Police impounded an unlicensed Lamborghini on the Durban beachfront on Sunday.
Police impounded an unlicensed Lamborghini on the Durban beachfront on Sunday.
Image: Facebook

The driver of a spanking new Lamborghini was left red-faced after his car was impounded by police for causing a disturbance by revving along Durban’s beachfront on Sunday.

Metro police spokesperson Senior Superintendent Parboo Sewpersad told TimesLIVE the metallic green Italian supercar was not licensed or registered.

"The driver contravened the National Road Traffic Act. The car has been impounded and the owner has been told to bring all documentation to us. He was causing a massive disturbance by revving his engine. It is a high-powered vehicle and even a small rev causes a disturbance for patrons and residents," said Sewpersad.

A Facebook post by Metro police commander Steve Middleton about the impounding of the Lamborghini garnered mixed reaction on the platform.

One Facebook user wrote: "This car was scaring the hell out of babies and little kids this afternoon. Continuous loud revving. Even the pigeons were taking cover."

Another said: "Fantastic police work. But this action must be carried over to the taxis whose drivers flout the law daily with no fear of prosecution. Methinks metro is scared of the taxi brigade."

Parboo said police also impounded another car after the driver allegedly abandoned his vehicle and disappeared while police were conducting a roadblock in Blue Lagoon on Saturday.

"We are waiting for the driver to come forward," he said.

More than 105 motorists were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol during various police operations over the weekend.

"We have adopted a zero tolerance approach and we mean business. People who want to drink must use e-hailing services or have a designated sober driver," he said.

Parboo said there were 3,477 bylaw contraventions this weekend.

"Most of them were related to drinking in public, which is a huge issue on the beachfront. People are warned not to drink in public because they will be fined," he said.