Meet BI Phakathi: SA's secret Santa

26 December 2019 - 09:00 By Naledi Shange
South Africans have been blessed by a 'faceless' Santa all year. He goes by the name BI Phakathi.
South Africans have been blessed by a 'faceless' Santa all year. He goes by the name BI Phakathi.
Image: 123RF/alexraths

For some of the less fortunate in SA, “Father Christmas” has been around all year, waiting to assist them with their next meal or even a few rand to buy necessities.

His name is BI Phakathi and he walks the country's streets. 

This Mr Good Deeds has been recording his selfless actions and posting them on social media for a while, all in a bid to encourage others to do the same.

From buying warm meals for scores of homeless people to handing over cash to one man who was desperate to pay for an ID, Phakathi has been a blessing to many. 

In one of his most recent deeds, posted two weeks before Christmas, Phakathi recorded himself walking out of a mall with a trolley full of groceries.

After walking Phakathi to his car, the car guard, Leon, is shocked when Phakathi hands over the groceries to him. Phakathi tells him it's his Christmas gift.

“Why did you buy it?” Leon inquires, a shocked expression on his face. 

“I just bought it for you. I wanted to surprise you for Christmas,” Phakathi replies, handing over R200 to Leon.

He tells him the money is for transport and that he should keep the gift a secret.

Leon is still in shock as he reaches for his pocket, wanting to take Phakathi’s contact details.

“I want to phone you so I can buy you a drink, a beer or dinner,” Leon says, eager to return this act of goodwill.

Phakathi hands over another R100 as he notes down Leon’s number, promising to call him instead.

The two men share a hug before they part.

The secret Santa has also campaigned for jobs for beggars or car guards, who have shared with him their desperation to find work.

He was asking for food at a traffic light with his security qualification, please share this video someone might get him a job

Posted by BI Phakathi on Monday, September 16, 2019

So far, Phakathi has been adamant about keeping his identity secret. 

TimesLIVE attempted to contact him to find out more about him and his numerous acts of kindness.

He did not respond to requests for an interview.

In another of his videos, Phakathi is seen giving cash to a man, who walks alongside Phakathi, telling him how he admires this faceless good Samaritan on Facebook, not knowing he is speaking to him.

“On Facebook, there's another guy, when he sees you suffering, he buys you groceries. Every time I look at his stories. God will bless that guy so much,” the man tells Phakathi. 

“I wish I could see him too,”  says Phakathi.

The two continue their walk through the mall until they arrive inside a shop. 

Before they part, Phakathi reaches for his pocket and hands the man a couple of notes. 

“Thank you my brother, God bless you,” replies the beaming man, as again and again Phakathi reaches for his pocket, handing over notes. 

The receiver then puts one and one together. 

“You're the guy on Facebook, right?” he asks him. 

Phakathi replies: “You think I'm the guy? Maybe I look like him.”

“He doesn't show his face,” the man says, continuing to shower Phakathi with blessings and well wishes. 

Watch that video here:

This funny man loves BI Phakathi and he is not aware he is walking with him , wait until he sees this video

Posted by BI Phakathi on Tuesday, December 3, 2019