'There's metal in my Debonairs pizza,' says shocked customer

02 February 2020 - 12:41 By TimesLIVE
A traditional Neapolitan pizza has a distinctive 'puffed' edge. Illustrative image
A traditional Neapolitan pizza has a distinctive 'puffed' edge. Illustrative image
Image: 123RF/michaelvaleevgmailcom

A Twitter post by a Debonairs customer who got more than her ordinary pizza topping has gone viral after she claimed to have found a whole metal sheet sandwiched in her pizza.

Gomolemo Moletse took to Twitter to post a picture of this on her timeline.

It showed how the pizza had seemingly been cut through, despite the metal sheet being inside.

Debonairs took to Moletse’s page where they said they would address the matter.

“We'd like to attend to this. Please DM us your contact details and the branch name so we can have this matter addressed,” the company posted.

TimesLIVE has reached out to them and this article will be updated with their response.

But while this customer waits for an explanation, South Africans have found a way to poke fun at the situation. See this sample of comments posted on the thread:

“Silver platter?”

“Rich in iron.”

“You are very lucky, you buy a product and you get manufacturing asset.”

“Eat what you have ordered and be kind enough to return that plate first thing tomorrow morning.”

Other comments pondered about the staff member who assembled the pizza. One post read: “Whoever made this pizza really wasn't about coming to work today!” 

Compensation was on the minds of others, including one who thought of a way to share the largesse: “Tell them to supply you with free pizza for a full month as an apology. When they agree, donate the pizzas to an orphanage.”