N1 victim of rock-throwing: ‘My life was threatened’

02 March 2020 - 14:25 By Kgaugelo Masweneng
A vehicle damaged during a rock-throwing incident on the N1.
A vehicle damaged during a rock-throwing incident on the N1.
Image: Brendyn Lotz

A man who was travelling with his newlywed friends says he has never felt his life was in more danger than when multiple rocks were thrown at their vehicle.

Brendyn Lotz was travelling on the N1 heading north last week when the unexpected happened: rocks were thrown from all sides after they passed a bridge.

“It took me a while to register what was happening. I saw my friend who was driving looking back with sheer terror.

“I’ve grown up around crime, I was robbed at some point in my life but I’ve never felt like I was in actual danger like this,” Lotz said.

The trio was about 19km from the Grasmere toll plaza when they came under attack by the rock-throwers.

The rocks damaged the car, hitting the bonnet, windscreen, radiator and a front tyre.

"All the lights came on and we wondered what was happening. We continued to drive for a few kilometres even though the car was moving slowly,” he said.

Lotz said fellow motorists helped them and so did the police.

“There was another car we saw on the side of the road, which had suffered the same fate. It could've have been worse.

"We have reported the incident as an accident," he said.

His friends are continuing their honeymoon.

“We had been on a road trip across the country. We had such a beautiful time. It sucks but I won’t let this taint those memories,” said Lotz.