Second UCT staff member tests positive for Covid-19

19 March 2020 - 09:01 By Tanya Farber
A second staff member at the University of Cape Town has tested positive.
A second staff member at the University of Cape Town has tested positive.

After shutting its doors on Monday in the wake of a staff member testing positive for Covid-19, the University of Cape Town confirmed on Thursday that a second positive case has been identified.

According to Elijah Moholola, speaking on behalf of UCT, “The staff member is now in self isolation for the next two weeks under supervision from the national department of health”.

The Western Cape's minister of transport and public works, Bongikosi Madikizela, oversaw some of the interventions by local government to prevent the spread of Covid-19 on public transport on March 18 2020.

He added, “Contact tracing has already begun to identify the people who were in close contact with the staff member and they are all asymptomatic. They are in quarantine at home and are being monitored.”

Moholola said the dean of the affected faculty has communicated the matter to members of the faculty, and that the building where the staff member worked has been closed.

The second case at UCT comes a day after 320 Wits medical students were cleared after being in contact with a student who had earlier tested positive.

A further 30 were in self-quarantine (five in residences and 25 at home).

Wits spokesperson Buhle Zuma said, “The students are constantly being monitored for Covid-19 symptoms and none have displayed these so far. These students are receiving support from the university.”

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