WATCH | Stories from the streets: Homelessness during the time of Covid-19

06 April 2020 - 10:34 By Emile Bosch

Nearly 10,000 homeless people in Tshwane have been rounded up in an effort to prevent Covid-19 infecting the metropolitan's most vulnerable. 

Makeshift shelters have sprung up across Tshwane in an effort to house the destitute. 

At some locations, officials and NPOs are struggling to keep to the principals of physical distancing. 

This is evident at Caledonian Stadium, which has become a tented city for about 2,000 people, in an area that should house only 340. 

The Lyttelton Community Hall, another makeshift shelter, houses 40 homeless people. Between each mattress, an X marks the floor, indicating the proper distance that should be kept between people. 

Applying physical-distancing has become increasingly difficult, according to Hennops Revival's Tarryn Johnston. 

“In Centurion there are 880 people living on the streets. We are trying to get as many as possible into shelters. The biggest challenge is space. Because of social distancing, you cannot have lots of people in a single place. While we are coping here with the 40 that we have, at other places it’s total chaos,” Johnston says. 

As the novel coronavirus spreads across SA, officials face an immense task in protecting the country's most vulnerable.