WATCH | Jobless and stranded in SA: Lesotho informal workers left in limbo during lockdown

08 May 2020 - 07:00 By Deepa Kesa

Informal part-time work is the bread and butter of many foreign migrant workers. They travel to SA to look for jobs, work for a few months and head back home with some money for themselves and their families.

A group of men from Lesotho who came to SA for that reason are now stranded in the country for much longer than they expected because of the lockdown.

The men have created a home for themselves in a section of bush next to the highway in Midrand. They now spend their days playing games and hoping that kind-hearted people will offer them food.

The men usually earn very little, but being unable to work during the lockdown, they now have nothing. They said that even if they were allowed to go back to Lesotho they wouldn’t be able to because they have no money.