Sjava is the latest to leave Ambitiouz — here are five other artists who have left the stable

27 May 2020 - 19:00
By Cebelihle Bhengu
Sjava is the latest artist to leave Ambitiouz Entertainment.
Image: Oupa Bopape Sjava is the latest artist to leave Ambitiouz Entertainment.

Sjava has become the latest big-name artist to part ways with Ambitiouz Entertainment, following in the footsteps of several other musos who had a public fallout with the label.

The rapper released a statement on Tuesday via social media, thanking the label for the opportunities it gave him.

The 'Umama' hit maker said while there were differences between him and the label, there was no beef as they were parting ways amicably.

Here are five other artists who have left the stable over the years and their reasons for leaving:


Rapper Saudi confirmed early this year that he had parted ways with the label after they both decided not to renew his three-year contract, which ended in January.

The muso also dropped his mixtape, The Drip Leak, under his own independent record label, O.V.L.O.E. 

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Gigi Lamayne 

Gigi Lamayne announced in December 2018 that she had left Ambitiouz to join Hart Roc Entertainment. She told her followers on social media that she was ready to “build” her own “empire” and thanked the label for mentoring her.

Amanda Black

After months of “emotionally taxing” contractual disputes, Amanda Black was able to finally leave the stable in June 2018. Speaking to Metro FM in September, the songstress didn't delve into the details of the battle with the label, but said she wanted to be able to continue harnessing her art and growing her career.

Fifi Cooper 

The multi-award winning rapper was embroiled in a court dispute with Ambitiouz, which in part prevented her from performing the songs she recorded while she was a member of the stable. Fifi left in 2017 due to a contractual dispute.


The star left in February 2017 along with Fifi Cooper and B3nchMarQ after contractual disagreements with the stable. He now works as an independent artist.