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12 June 2020 - 07:37 By timeslive
Johann van Loggerenberg was in charge of an investigation unit at SARS, but it was no secret unit, and was highly effective.
Johann van Loggerenberg was in charge of an investigation unit at SARS, but it was no secret unit, and was highly effective.
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Johann van Loggerenberg and a group of his former SA Revenue Service colleagues, among them Pravin Gordhan, have been fighting for more than five years against allegations that they had formed a “covert” unit in the tax service. 

Investigation after investigation found that this was untrue, but the saga continued. 

High Court judge Sulet Potterill ruled on Monday that the Inspector General of Intelligence's report, compiled in October 2014, should be reviewed and set aside. The report had found that a "rogue unit" existed at the SA Revenue Service (Sars) while former commissioner Pravin Gordhan was in charge of the organisation.

This ruling might finally put the Rogue Unit saga to rest. 

Van Loggerenberg was indeed in charge of an investigation unit at SA Revenue Service, but it was no secret unit, and was highly effective. His unit was responsible for rounding up tax dodgers.

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The relief and anger was clear in Van Loggerenberg's Facebook post after the ruling: “I cannot believe that anybody in their right mind cannot by now see that the entire nation was fooled and that the entire saga was a complete and deliberate sham fed by many with overlapping nefarious motives and agendas. The evidence against them is overwhelming.”

But after more than five years of fighting against the flames that just wouldn't be doused he does not expect this to be the end that it should be.

“I don't believe it's over for a second though. The thing with the State Capture gang, Fightback brigade, EFF and their puppets, is that they are very predictable.

“I expect some sort of ludicrous legal challenge and more waste of money and lots of noise. No doubt.”

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