Covid-19: Nearly 200 deaths and more than 10,000 new cases in SA

07 July 2020 - 23:38 By TimesLIVE
Covid-19 cases in South Africa rose to 215,855 on Tuesday, the 14th highest in the world.
Covid-19 cases in South Africa rose to 215,855 on Tuesday, the 14th highest in the world.
Image: Fredlin Adriaan

South Africa has recorded 10,144 new Covid-19 infections - 4,597 of these in Gauteng.

The increase takes the national total to 215,855 - currently the 14th highest number of confirmed cases in the world.

This is just the second time that more than 10,000 cases have been confirmed in a single day. The only other time was July 4, when 10,853 cases were confirmed in a 24-hour period.

In releasing the latest figures, the health ministry also confirmed that 192 deaths were reported in the past 24 hours - taking the national total to 3,502.

Of these deaths, 75 were in Gauteng, 44 in the Western Cape, 36 in the Eastern Cape, 22 in KwaZulu-Natal and 15 in Limpopo.

The good news is that a positive milestone has been hit - there are now more than 100,000 people who have recovered from the respiratory illness, which is caused by the coronavirus.

"The number of recoveries is 102,299 which translates to a recovery rate of 47.4%," the ministry said.

In terms of the number of cases, Gauteng is now just 668 cases behind the Western Cape, which has long been the country's virus epicentre. Based on the current trajectory, Gauteng is likely to overtake the Western Cape in the next 24 hours.

By Monday, Gauteng had recorded 66,891 cases of Covid-19. This increased to 71,488 on Tuesday. Comparatively, the Western Cape climbed from 70,938 to 72,156 in the same period.

The Eastern Cape also showed a big jump in cases in the past 24 hours, increasing from 38,081 to 40,401, while KwaZulu-Natal increased from 15,819 to 16,743

The North West has 6,842 confirmed cases, the Free State 3,034, Mpumalanga 2,353, Limpopo 1,950 and the Northern Cape 888.

These figures are based on a total of 1,907,532 tests, of which 43,421 were done in the past 24-hour cycle.

A graph produced by MediaHack and published by Al Jazeera on Twitter on Tuesday looks at how SA got to the 200,000-case mark.