How Dagga Couple's Julian Stobbs fulfilled a last dream before he was shot dead

'He was floating on air like a kid on Christmas,' says Joanne Parry.

07 July 2020 - 12:56 By Unathi Nkanjeni
The Dagga Couple's Julian Stobbs was shot dead in an armed robbery in his home on Friday.
The Dagga Couple's Julian Stobbs was shot dead in an armed robbery in his home on Friday.
Image: Instagram/steve.deangelo

Shortly before he was shot dead, Julian “Jules” Stobbs interviewed his dream guest on The Hotbox Show.

His last show featured American cannabis rights activist Steve DeAngelo, who Stobbs had been looking forward to interviewing since the start of the podcast series in 2017.

Stobbs died hours after he hosted his last podcast with DeAngelo on Friday. He was shot in an armed robbery in Lanseria, Gauteng, and died at the scene. His partner, Myrtle Clarke, was left unharmed as the attackers made off with two cellphones and two laptops.

Speaking to TimesLIVE, his podcast co-host, Joanne “JoLekkaDing” Parry, shared details about Stobbs' final moments before his death.

Parry described Stobbs as “floating on air” after the interview with DeAngelo.

“Jules had been incredibly excited and it was his dream to interview Steve DeAngelo since the start of the show,” said an emotional Parry. “He got to realise his dream on Thursday night and we had an amazing interview.”

Parry said when the show ended, Stobbs was like “a kid on Christmas” with excitement and couldn't believe that he had fulfilled his dream.

“Jules was floating when we left the studio to go to the main house. He was floating on air like a kid on Christmas. It was one of the highlights in his career,” she said.

On Instagram, DeAngelo paid tribute to Stobbs, saying he was looking forward to seeing him on his next visit to SA.

“Today, I am weeping tears of grief at the news of his passing, and sending my strongest vibrations of condolence to Myrtle and all who loved Jules,” he wrote.

DeAngelo said Stobbs was now a “cannabis angel” who will forever be remembered for his work and dedication to the cannabis tribe.

“Today, another cannabis angel is looking over us, sitting upon our shoulders, whispering in our ears, giving us strength, urging us to never lose sight of the goal,” said DeAngelo.

“The best way for us to honour Jules is to bring about the change he dedicated himself to. May his spirit live in our struggle. Always Onward, Forever Free.”