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31 July 2020 - 07:33 By TimesLIVE
Cyril Ramaphosa has not been able to unite and reform a fractured ANC.
Cyril Ramaphosa has not been able to unite and reform a fractured ANC.

There are huge cracks in the ANC's dam wall. They are now too wide for mere fingers to plug them and the wall is bound to break. The Covid-19 pandemic might just be the ANC's Waterloo.

Cyril Ramaphosa rescued the party from a possible hammering at the ballot box last year. He was the antithesis of Jacob Zuma and millions of South Africans were hoping that the governing party would be able to heal and save the country.

It is now very clear that that didn't happen, and it isn't going to happen. The question is: was it even possible to reform the ANC, or should Ramaphosa and his faction take all the blame? 

The Guptas have left the country and we have now been spared the images of a president who is just too happy to be of service to state capturers. A handful of corrupt officials have been removed from their positions.

But if we didn't realise it before Covid, we are realising it now: The ANC is today as corrupt as it was under Zuma, it is just a little more subtle.

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Covid-19 was the great disrupter. Everything is fluid right now.

The ANC's greatest shock might not come in next year's local government election, even though the party might lose more support. The 2023 general election might be the moment the ANC gets less than 50% support.

The problem is that the DA is moving backwards and has again turned himself into a party for minorities.

The EFF also seems to have stopped growing, and the possible criminal trials of its top leaders will cause further harm.

Now is the time for the wide-ranging restructuring of political power in SA.

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