Agrizzi applies for bail in corruption case involving former ANC MP Vincent Smith

14 October 2020 - 11:25
Former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi is facing fraud and corruption charges. File photo.
Former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi is facing fraud and corruption charges. File photo.
Image: Alaister Russell/The Sunday Times

Former Bosasa chief operating officer Angelo Agrizzi appeared in the Palm Ridge magistrate's court on Wednesday morning to apply for bail in a case in which he faces a charge of corruption.

Agrizzi, 53, was formally joined as co-accused with former ANC MP Vincent Smith, who was making his second appearance in court, and Smith's company, Euroblitz 48.

Smith is facing a charge of corruption and a charge of fraud. His case was postponed to December 3 while the court dealt with Agrizzi's bail application.

Smith stands accused of receiving gratifications in the form of security upgrades to his home and cash transferred into his personal bank account via the Euroblitz 48 bank account.

The gratifications were allegedly in exchange for Smith's political influence as an MP in the ruling party to shield Bosasa from accountability for corrupting correctional services department officials who awarded Bosasa contracts worth billions.

Former ANC MP Vincent Smith handed himself over to authorities on October 01 2020 on allegations of corruption. Here's a short explainer on who Vincent Smith is.

Agrizzi is facing a corruption charge. The state alleges Agrizzi directly or indirectly gave or agreed to give to Smith the gratifications the state claims he received.

Smith is also facing a charge of fraud for failing to declare to parliament benefits received from Agrizzi or from Bosasa.

During his bail application, Agrizzi told the court that he had no previous criminal convictions.

Agrizzi's advocate Mannie Witz said he was disturbed the prosecution only informed the defence on Wednesday that it will oppose bail, despite no indication the night before that it would do this.

Witz said he was taken aback by this change in stance.

"Nobody indicated they will oppose bail. It is a little upsetting because you expect your colleague to deal with you on a collegial basis," Witz said.

The bail application continues.