Roll Call of the Righteous, plus 5 highlights from 'Vrye Weekblad'

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16 October 2020 - 06:57 By TimesLIVE
A gallery of heroes.
A gallery of heroes.

SA has been deeply wounded by corruption, looting and a culture of impunity. The lines between right and wrong became blurry and our moral fibre is hanging by a thread. 

That we at least have a thread left, is thanks to the brave, honest people of SA who stood up for the truth, and sometimes even paid with their lives. 

Vrye Weekblad has compiled a Roll Call of the Righteous who saved us from the abyss. They deserve our honour and our thanks. 

Some of them were whistle-blowers. Some were honest civil servants who wanted to do their job and had to be neutralised because they were standing in the way of the looters, or the state capturers who wanted to work in the shadows, or of their colleagues who wanted to save their own skin. And there were those who had to wrestle with their own complicity before they could finally stand up for the truth.  

Read more about these heroes, and more news and analysis in this week's edition of Afrikaans digital weekly Vrye Weekblad.

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They were doctors, government officials, lawyers and investigators, councillors and politicians. 

Lives were ruined, families torn apart, honest careers in service of the public came to an end. There were suicides and depression. Failed marriages. Lost children. 

And there are some who are still in hiding or living in fear of their lives. 

Every one of them had their own journey, but many had the same cross to bear. Every single one of these heroes on our list paid a very high price – for our benefit. 

These are their stories:

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