Three Eastern Cape initiates die in a hail of bullets

03 January 2021 - 15:33
By Lulamile Feni
Three initiates were shot  dead in Tsomo, Eastern Cape.
Image: File photo Three initiates were shot dead in Tsomo, Eastern Cape.

Three initiates were shot dead by unknown gunmen in Tsomo at the weekend.

One of the initiates, whose ages range between 19 and 20, was shot six times, while another one was shot four times. The third initiate sustained three gunshot wounds.

They were all shot in their upper bodies.

Acting Eastern Cape House of Traditional Leaders chair Nkosi Langa Mavuso said the initiates went to the mountain on December 22.

They had been under the supervision of a local traditional nurse, who last visited them on New Year's Day at about 6pm.

“On Saturday at about 8am two young boys were sent to ibhuma (initiates' hut) to bring them food. On their arrival, the boys shouted from a distance as per the norm but none of the initiates responded. They became anxious and went back to inform their parents,” said Mavuso.

It was unclear what led to the shooting.