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PODCAST | Gone in the night: The disappearance of Natasha Viljoen

08 March 2021 - 11:47
By Nicole Engelbrecht
The missing poster for Natasha Viljoen.
Image: Supplied The missing poster for Natasha Viljoen.

On May 25 2010, Natasha Viljoen gave birth to a baby boy. On social media she shared her joy about her new arrival with the world and seemed to be looking forward to starting over with her partner and newborn.

Five days after giving birth, she disappeared.

The narrative that would emerge was that she had walked away, but for those who loved her, this did not seem plausible.

Her sister and daughter are still on a journey to find the truth 11 years after her disappearance.

In episode 50 of True Crime South Africa, we delve into this baffling missing person’s case and the long-term effects of a disappearance on a family.

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