WATCH | Blasting tar at 100km/h? How Jozi’s Pothole Patrol is trying to fix more than 100 potholes a day

13 May 2021 - 07:00 By Deepa Kesa

In partnership with the city of Johannesburg, insurance companies Dialdirect and Discovery have announced the launch of Pothole Patrol, a campaign to manage the repair of potholes throughout the city. The campaign kicked off on May 3 2021 and is trying to repair Jozi’s 48000 to 90000 potholes. Here’s what it takes to do that.

Ever been personally victimised by one of Johannesburg's 48,000 to 90,000 potholes? Well, so has every other driver in Jozi. 

To try to help fix those potholes, Discovery Insure and Dialdirect have come together with the City of Johannesburg to create Pothole Patrol, a campaign created to help close the gap in the city’s existing pothole maintenance backlog.

The campaign kicked off on May 3 on William Nicol Drive and will prioritise roads that are more frequently used or are problematic.

The Pothole Patrol team drives around areas in the city, covering one location at a time, fixing more than 100 potholes every single day. 

Here's what it takes to fix Joburg's backlog of potholes.