WATCH | Video of ‘unfit’ soldier struggling to climb into a truck goes viral

28 July 2021 - 09:15 By kyle zeeman
A video of the soldier being helped into a truck has been shared online.
A video of the soldier being helped into a truck has been shared online.
Image: Twitter

Two years after the SA military brought the TL to a standstill with a clip of a recruit failing at several tasks, a new soldier has gone viral. 

Thousands of soldiers have been deployed to the streets to quell possible violence and recover goods that were looted during unrest earlier this month, which means you may see some in your area.

One social media user did, and noticed one soldier seemed to be struggling to climb into a military truck.

In a clip of the incident shared on social media this week, a fellow soldier can be seen trying to assist his struggling comrade while others watch.

In the end, they both give up.

The video drew sharp reactions online, with many slamming how “unfit” the soldier appeared to be and questioning whether the military had strict enough criteria.

Others claimed it was harsh to judge the entire military from a clip of one soldier.

In 2019, video clips of a soldier unable to keep up during a training session went viral on social media, making the man’s name, Mabena, a nickname for any kind of moemish or failure.

In one of the videos, Mabena is seen trying to climb a wall. He doesn’t make the grade and a person is heard saying: “Mabena, please disappoint me again. I knew it, Mabena.”

“That Mabena. He’s just tall and lazy for nothing,” the person said in another clip.