How to start a job with a degree as well as shares in your pocket

A new Stadio Higher Education programme issues shares to its students upon graduation

08 December 2021 - 10:18
Stadio Higher Education students can now start their careers with both a degree and shares in pocket.
Image: Supplied/Stadio Stadio Higher Education students can now start their careers with both a degree and shares in pocket.

It’s a revolution: members of the class of 2021 at Stadio Higher Education are leaving not only with their freshly minted qualifications in hand but also with shares in Stadio Holdings, the investment company behind Stadio Higher Education.

The Stadio Khulisa Student Share Scheme was launched in October this year to help kick-start the journey to success for Stadio students after they graduate. 

Khulisa means “to grow or foster the development of a person or community”.

The students receive their shares upon their graduation and have access to a share portfolio managed by Investec’s share plan services to support them in their investment journey.

According to a recent survey published by insurer 1Life, most young working South Africans do not have access to generational wealth. Also, only 39% of the population understand how to create such wealth, though a full 80% of youths believe it is their responsibility to start their families’ financial legacy.

“The time for us as an institution to do something incredible for SA’s youth is now,” says Stadio Holdings CEO Chris Vorster. 

“We remain committed to empowering our students, first through the provision of quality and affordable qualifications that are aligned with the world of work and sought after by their respective industries, and second by partnering with our graduates as owners of our institution, investing in their initial steps to leaving a legacy for their families.”

For many students, the idea of investing on the JSE – where Stadio Holdings is listed – is something for “business people” that seems beyond their reach, says Stadio chief academic officer Divya Singh. “Stadio is making this world accessible to its students.” 

The institution will also provide short learning courses on the basics of investing and other related topics to help students. 

To speak to a Stadio student adviser, call 087 158 5000 or e-mail  

How to apply and register to start your studies in 2022

Making the move from high school to a higher education institution is already challenging, but starting 2022 without somewhere to study can feel altogether overwhelming! Just pause and breathe: you can still secure your space now. 

Here are four tips to help you apply and register with ease:

  1. First map out the career paths in which you’re most interested. This will help you find an institution with the right courses for you. Stadio offers more than 50 qualifications available on its campuses nationwide. 
  2. Visit a Stadio campus close to you – they all comply fully with Covid-19 measures. The student recruitment advisors will help you apply and register by guiding you through the process and giving you all the assistance you need. 
  3. Remember to take your documents with you. You will need your ID and your statement of results. Stadio applications are free – and you can review all the fees online.
  4. Bombard your Stadio student advisor with questions. Make sure you know when classes will start, when your orientation date is, and what you will need when you start your studies. 

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This article was paid for by Stadio, which is registered with the department of higher education & training as a private higher education institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997; registration number 2008/HE07/004.