LISTEN | How pastor & wife convinced their victim to take blood test in life insurance murder

13 December 2021 - 06:00
By Anthony Molyneaux

TimesLIVE delves deeper into the murder of 25-year-old Hlompho Koloi in July 2018 by analysing the telephonic recordings made by pastor Melisizwe Monqo, his wife Siphosihle Pamba and the life insurance companies they were scamming to make millions of rand off Koloi's death.

Listen to the recordings here:

The pastor, his wife and his cousin Phumlani Qhusheka were sentenced to a combined 335 years behind bars in November after being found guilty of the murder of Koloi and multiple counts of fraud.

In the shocking audio recordings, Pamba can be heard impersonating Koloi to secure a life insurance policy worth R3m. They used her personal information to fool the insurance agents into believing Pamba was actually Koloi.

The pastor and his wife went even further by arranging for Koloi to have a blood test done by a nurse who worked for the insurance provider. This was required to get a higher payout in the case of her death. They concocted a devious plan which saw the pastor and his wife phoning Koloi and telling her there was a job offer for her at George Airport. 

Koloi was ecstatic as she had been unemployed for some time. However, there was a catch: Pamba told Koloi that a blood test was required to be eligible for the job. Koloi complied and blood was drawn by a travelling nurse working for the insurance company.

Twenty-four hours later, she would be dead.

In this audio piece, we break down how the pastor and his wife deceived the insurance companies and brutally murdered Koloi to reap millions of rand from her death.