Popular karaoke microphones set to add colour to election-day scenes

Those wanting to purchase a hand-held hailer may be out of luck as Mr Price says it will not restock the product

28 May 2024 - 14:10
Accessories are expected to add colour at voting stations on Wednesday. File photo.
Image: ALAISTER RUSSELL Accessories are expected to add colour at voting stations on Wednesday. File photo.

With a day to go until registered voters head to the polls, some are getting their party regalia and matching accessories together to add colour to the occasion.

Voting stations are expected to be vibrant scenes on Wednesday as extrovert South Africans either show their support for their preferred party by looking the part or share their excitement at the polls by donning flag-related attire.

While citizens can expect to see the usual colourful fashion, face paint, flags and banners on display, one unusual addition to the scene will be hand-held karaoke microphones. These glittery bronze-and-white accessories have taken social media by storm, mainly because of the echo they produce when you speak into them. 

Posts have cropped up showing people using them in public or calling for them to be used to make public service announcements on election day. Like the iconic vuvuzela, these novelty devices appear to be loved and hated in equal measure.

While some social media users expressed enthusiasm for buying a hand-held hailer, they may be out of luck, as Mr Price, the most well-known stockist of the product, confirmed it had no more available and no plans to order more.

A quick Google search shows that Makro and Takealot stock a similar product, though it costs nearly twice as much as the one sold by Mr Price. 

The first day of special voting in the country kicked off on Monday, but was marred by protests and low turnout. Voting in Mthatha, in the Eastern Cape, was disrupted by disgruntled taxi operators who blocked major routes in the morning. This led to the closure of more than 100 voting stations in the OR Tambo district.

Of the 1.6-million people who had registered for special votes, only 230,000 made their mark.

Special voting continues on Tuesday, with general voting scheduled for Wednesday, as proclaimed by President Cyril Ramaphosa.