PODCAST | Alibi: Laduma High

Listen to all six episodes of season 2 of SA's first true-crime investigative podcast

17 January 2020 - 15:22 By Paul McNally
Alibi 2: Laduma High is produced by Volume and distributed by Arena Holdings.
Alibi 2: Laduma High is produced by Volume and distributed by Arena Holdings.
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Paul McNally, award-winning investigative journalist at Volume, wades into the conspiracy-laden world of professional jealousy and hired hit-men in an attempt to find out what really happened at Laduma High in Edenvale, KwaZulu-Natal, and who was behind the assassination of Priscilla Mchunu.

Priscilla was a 54-year-old acting principal when she was assassinated. She was gunned down by an astonishing 19 bullets while teaching her high school history class. An entire class of Laduma High pupils witnessed the murder. Still, more than two years later, no arrests have been made.

This is the story of Mchunu’s assassination. Who would kill an acting principal and why? How do you investigate a case when anyone who gets too close can be assassinated?


By exploring this case over six podcast episodes, McNally follows the threads, talks to those who were there and discovers the ins and outs of a troubling trend of assassinations in KwaZulu-Natal and SA. If Mchunu, a highly praised acting principal at a high school just outside Pietermaritzburg, can be assassinated, then anyone with a little bit of power can become a target. It seems to take little for respected community members to turn to hired killers.

The scariest part of this investigation is that the strongest suspects in this case are other teachers at the school – Mchunu’s colleagues and supposed mentors for the high school pupils at Laduma. As the story unfolds through first-person accounts and McNally’s search for answers, an alleged conspiracy to steal Mchunu’s job by any means comes into shocking focus.

“Alibi 2: Laduma High” is produced by Volume and distributed by Arena Holdings

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