Man blows off own leg with grenade in Bangkok

14 February 2012 - 13:29 By Sapa-dpa

A man thought to be Iranian blew his own leg off with a grenade after being refused a cab ride in Bangkok.

The man, identified as Saeib Morabi, allegedly tried to get in a taxi in the city centre Monday but was refused a ride by the driver, prompting him to toss a grenade in the cab.

The resulting explosion injured the driver and two nearby pedestrians, said Major General Vichai Sangkhapai, deputy chief of Bangkok Police.

The suspect then fled the scene but was tracked down by police. He threw another grenade when they tried to arrest him, but it blew up next to him, severing his own leg, Vichai said.

A Pattaya hotel bill in the man's wallet bore the name Saeib Morabi. The hotel said he had registered there under an Iranian identity.