Ex Muslims tweet #AnApostatesExperience

14 October 2014 - 13:37 By Times LIVE
Image: AFP Photo / Kimihiro HOSHINO

Ex Muslims are sharing their experiences with apostacy under the hashtag #AnApostatesExperience.

An apostate is someone who leaves a religion, sometimes converting to another or becoming an atheist.

The hashtag appears to have come about as a response to Islamic apologist Resa Aslan's claim that the most venomous threats he receives are from atheists.

The response has been overwhelming, with people talking about issues ranging from abuse, to not being allowed to partake in the funerals of their loved ones, to even being told they should be sold into prostitution.

The following is just a sample of what people have tweeted thus far:

Anetsirk ‏@Kristena2513

Being told that the brutal abuse I suffered as a child was because god knew I would one day renounce my faith. #AnApostatesExperience

Milad Jama ‏@MiladJama

Women family members justifying slavery, rape & paedophilia in Islam while young nieces play at their feet #AnApostatesExperience

Ali A. Rizvi ‏@aliamjadrizvi

Regular accusations of being a "sellout" or on the CIA/Mossad payroll. Still waiting for that check, Brennan. #AnApostatesExperience

Jason Gregory ‏@jgrevolucion

Scared to take my daughter to my wife's birthplace of Pakistan #AnApostatesExperience

Fathima Imra Nazeer ‏@FathImraNazeer

Worrying about putting your life or your children's lives in danger simply because you express your opinion of Islam #AnApostatesExperience

Dean Modified ‏@DeanModified

When there's an invisible wall of religion between my mother and I. #AnApostatesExperience #NormalizeAtheism

Eiynah -- ‏@NiceMangos

Being told I'm an enemy of god and worthy of death because i wrote an anti-homophobia children's book #AnApostatesExperience

Reem Abdel-Razek ‏@rimrazek

Getting locked up in a Psychiatric Asylum for coming out and being released after faking a religious experience. #AnApostatesExperience

Anwar ‏@CaptainDG64

Nouman Ali Khan, followed by many, defends killing ExMuslims because it is "better" for us- #AnApostatesExperience


Muhammad Syed ‏@MoTheAtheist

Coming out to a friend and getting asked 'are you going to choose science over Allah' #AnApostatesExperience

Anwar ‏@CaptainDG64

Having to stay silent while Muslim Relatives & Friends blame Jews and praise the vision of Hitler #AnApostatesExperience @Sounakelly

Canadian Antitheist ‏@CDN_Antitheist

A preacher telling my grandmother that Islam forbids her to visit her husband's grave. Because it's considered shirk #AnApostatesExperience

Canadian Antitheist ‏@CDN_Antitheist

Mom said that she'd rather have a rapist son than an atheist 1. She took that back. Other fams aren't as fortunate. #AnApostatesExperience

Nas Ishmael ‏@ThorEXMNA

"Watching your mother accept she's not allowed to visit her child's grave, and not being able to say anything." - #AnApostatesExperience

Sarah @ EXMNA ‏@SarahTheHaider

Being reviled for godless progressive values by nearly everyone except #atheists and #secularists, #AnApostatesExperience

Maha ‏@Mookers

#AnApostatesExperience Crying at the end of Disney's "Brave" b/c Merida resolved their differences and got her mom back...and I couldn't.

Heina Dada-Bo0o0o~ ‏@heinousdealings

Apologist Muslims splain that Islam doesn't actually call for my death while my death is called for by other Muslims #AnApostatesExperience

Ahmed Siddiqui ‏@asidity

Being told that natural disaster victims don’t deserve our pity because they did something to make god angry #AnApostatesExperience

Cinnanun ‏@notcreative388

Being forbidden from my exMuslim husband's burial because the mosque didn't respect his or my wishes. #AnApostatesExperience

Najaf Ali ‏@alinajaf

Planning for the scenarios in your death threats: keeping "camping equipment" at arms reach from where you sleep #AnApostatesExperience

shaytaan ‏@666shaytaan

Being told by your devout sister(real) that "you deserve to be killed for leaving islam as hadith clearly says" #AnApostatesExperience