Man left to parent quadruplets after wife died giving birth

03 March 2015 - 12:13 By Times LIVE
File photo of four pairs of baby socks.
File photo of four pairs of baby socks.
Image: Gallo Images/Thinkstock

36-year-old Erica Morales gave birth to four babies but went into hypovolemic shock soon afterwards, losing a lot of blood and dying an hour later.

According, the three girls and one boy were born in Phoenix, Arizona in February.

The father, Carlos Morales, missed the sudden delivery because he was at his construction job.

For the new father, it was ‘the best day of his life to next morning experiencing the worst day of his life’.

Erica’s best friend set up a GoFundMe page that has so far raised $258,000.

Morales said that he is taking classes to make sure he gives the children the best possible care.