Lonely grandfather puts himself up for adoption

03 May 2018 - 09:00 By timeslive
Image: 123rf.com/sondem

Han Zicheng, an 85-year-old grandfather in China, has had enough of his lonely life and is looking for someone to adopt him.

Desperate, Han wrote a plea on a piece of paper and taped it to a local bus shelter, reports the Washington Post

“Lonely old man in his 80s. Strong-bodied. Can shop, cook and take care of himself. No chronic illness. I retired from a scientific research institute in Tianjin, with a monthly pension of 6,000 RMB (nearly R12,000) a month,” his note read. 

“I won’t go to a nursing home. My hope is that a kindhearted person or family will adopt me, nourish me through old age and bury my body when I’m dead.”

Han's wife has passed away and he is out of touch with his sons. 

Han was initially hopeful he'd find a suitable family willing to take care of him. That hope has since diminished as all the offers he has received so far are "below him".