WATCH | Icy moment between Trumps, Obamas and Clintons at Bush funeral

06 December 2018 - 11:32 By Ntokozo Miya

Imagine trolling people on social media for years and then find yourself having to sit next to them at an official event. 

US President Donald Trump experienced that during the funeral of George H W Bush, who died last week. 

The funeral of the 41st president of the US was held at the Washington National Cathedral on Wednesday. 

Seated in the front row were former first couples Barack and Michelle Obama next to Bill and Hillary Clinton. Then sat Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalyn.

In a cold move that was hard to miss, when he arrived with his wife in tow, Trump shook the hands of the Obamas but made no effort to reach out to the Clintons.

Hillary didn't even attempt to acknowledge the Trumps, staring straight ahead as if the couple was not even in the room.

Trump has never held back when attacking either of the two former first couples, but the Obamas and Clintons certainly don't take the blows lying down.

Their social media spats are often trending, with the American public joining in to pick a side.