India cracks down on heavy school bags to avoid spinal damage

13 December 2018 - 07:22 By Odwa Mjo
India places restrictions on homework and heavy school bags
India places restrictions on homework and heavy school bags
Image: Gallo Images/ IStock

The Indian government has instructed schools to restrict homework and to limit the weight of school bags to avoid potential spinal damage in children. 

According to the Indian Express, the county's ministry of Human Resource Development said children in Grades 1 - 2 should not carry a bag that weighs more than 1. 5kg, while learners in Grade 3-4 should only carry a bag between 2-3kg.

The government also instructed that Grade 1-2 learners be only given mathematics or language homework.

According to Reuters, a survey conducted by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in India showed that 68% of pre-teenagers might suffer mild back pain. The study found that 88% of school children from 7 years to 13 carry 45% of the body weight in their school bags. 

About 2,500 children were part of the survey as well as 1000 parents.

According to the Indian Express the county's ministry of human recourse development instructed that the  guidelines to regulate the teaching of subjects and the weight of school bags should be put in place.