WATCH | Hawk grabs family's puppy

19 February 2019 - 12:32 By TimesLIVE
Red-tailed hawk.
Red-tailed hawk.
Image: 123RF/Gregg Williams

A red-tailed hawk swooped in and grabbed a Las Vegas  family's puppy in their backyard.

Owner Cecilia Celis told Fox5 she'd just let Lulu and Heidi, Toy Yorkies, out "and then the bird swoops in, drags her and is like choking her, it stood on her."

β€œI was screaming at it the whole time to get off and it wasn't fazed by me,” she said. β€œIt was just staring me in the eyes.”

Celis told Fox5 she grabbed a pillow and it took three, four shots to get the bird off the dog - but eventually she managed to let the bird release her doggy, which could then sprint away.

The little Toy Yorkie seems to be recovering well after the incident.