Netflix defends 'traumatic' footage of dying walruses on 'Our Planet'

11 April 2019 - 07:12 By Odwa Mjo

Netflix has stood by its decision to air an episode of Our Planet that features walruses falling to their deaths.

The docu-series, which highlights the impact of climate change on animal life, aired an episode of Russian walruses that left many viewers distraught. 

In the aired footage, the walruses are clinging onto a cliff before falling to their death. Our Planet also captured the lifeless animals as they lay on rocks on the sea shore.

The footage traumatised many viewers, who felt the scenes were highly graphic.

Netflix said it stands by the fact that walruses are forced to move onto land because of melting ice. The company said it worked with a known biologist who has worked on the coastline for decades, reported TMZ.