Rhino calf shows his bravery playing with new friends at Dutch zoo

20 September 2019 - 07:00 By Nomahlubi Jordaan

As World Rhino Day approaches on Sunday, a rhino calf in the Netherlands has shown its mettle.

The male calf, who was born on August 15, showed bravery during his first encounter with giraffe and antelope at a Netherlands zoo. The rhino was introduced to the animals for the very first time at Royal Burgers' Zoo, Arnhem, on Thursday.

“The brave and audacious little rhino showed no fear at all at the first encounters with giraffes and antelopes. With great footage as a result,” said Royal Burgers’ Zoo's Bas Lukkenaar.

On Thursday, the calf and its mother joined the five other rhinos living at the zoo after they had left their stables.

“While its mother kept a close eye on the offspring, the little rhino showed no fear at all and curiously made acquaintance with the other animals living out there,” Lukkenaar said.

“Since 2002, 10 square-lipped rhinos have been born at Royal Burgers' Zoo. Research shows that in all European zoos 269 square-lipped rhinos live at the moment - 116 males and 153 females,” Lukkenaar added.

Currently, seven rhinos live at the zoo in Arnhem - one adult male, three adult females and three youngsters of different ages, said Lukkenaar.