Woman pays her cheating ex R108,000 - in 10c coins

31 October 2019 - 06:35
By Unathi Nkanjeni
A US woman settled her divorce bill with 158kg of 10c coins.
Image: andreypopov / 123RF Stock Photo A US woman settled her divorce bill with 158kg of 10c coins.

A US woman, who reportedly filed for divorce after her husband cheated on her with a family friend, has revealed how she settled her divorce bill in coins.

Brandi Lee, according to Daily Mirror, discovered her unidentified husband’s affair and filed for divorce as a result.

However, the court ultimately ordered her to pay him a settlement of $7,500 (about R108,643).

While she was left with no choice but to pay the sum, Lee decided to be as petty about the payment as possible - by paying her husband in 10c coins.

The Sun reported she explained on Facebook how she had paid him using 10 boxes filled with the coins, weighing 158kg.

“So a man that I was married to, bless his heart, decided to do me the biggest favour of my life and slept with his own friend’s wife,” she wrote on the social media platform.

“The woman who attended my wedding and watched me hold hands and look into the eyes of the man I loved and promise him my forever all while knowing damn well they were sleeping together.

“Well I busted ’em and that led us into divorce court, and for some god-awful reason, I was ordered to pay him $7,500.”

The Metro reported that Lee went to her bank and explained the whole thing.

Her bank was on board and agreed to pay out the sum in coins.