WATCH | LOL! This mom can't take being a 'teacher' amid Covid-19 school closures

23 March 2020 - 06:57 By Cebelihle Bhengu
Teaching kids at home ain't no joke.
Teaching kids at home ain't no joke.
Image: iStock

An Israeli mother is complaining about helping her children with homework as schools remain closed in her country due to Covid-19.

“If the coronavirus does not kill us, distance learning will.”

These are the words of Shiri Koenigsberg Levy, an Israeli mother of four whose rant about school closures and distance learning due to the coronavirus has gone viral.

As the outbreak continues to threaten lives, governments have taken steps to attempt to slow its spread by encouraging people to practice social distancing and self-isolation by studying and working from home.

According to a report by Times of Israel, the government there elected a week ago to close schools amid the scare. They will reopen after the Easter holidays. But for Levy, the pressure of mothering while teaching different subjects to her four children, aged between eight and 15, is all too much.

“Listen, it's not working this distance learning thing,” she begins her rant in the video.

“I have four children, just imagine how many WhatsApps, how many teachers per child, how many subjects. I've only got two computers in the house. Every morning they're fighting over the computers,” she says, before lambasting one of her children's “unrealistic” teachers for expecting to see her pupil on-screen by 8am.

Levy pleads with teachers to lower their expectations and jokes that this situation will expose how clueless they are about the subjects they teach.

Levy told Ynet she is in special education, teaching “all subjects except for maths and English”. She said she took a few minutes from the chaos to get into her car and share her frustrations with other women.

She told the publication self-isolation was no holiday for her family, as she makes sure no-one leaves or enters the house.