Ivanka Trump quoted a Bible verse to comfort citizens as they mourned George Floyd & it backfired

01 June 2020 - 10:28
By Cebelihle Bhengu
Ivanka Trump has called for justice as angry Americans mourn the death of George Floyd.
Image: Michael Kappeler/Reuters Ivanka Trump has called for justice as angry Americans mourn the death of George Floyd.

Ivanka Trump’s attempts to comfort US citizens who are mourning the death of George Floyd have been dismissed by angry citizens who are demanding justice.

On Sunday, she offered words of encouragement by quoting a Bible verse about answered prayers and healing, only for tweeps to flood social media with dismissive comments made by her father, US president Donald Trump, in response to the incident and the protests that followed.

Floyd, a 46-year old Minneapolis resident, was killed on Monday last week at the hands of local police officers after he was restrained, allegedly for attempting to pass a counterfeit bill at a local shop.

A viral video captured by a resident shows a white police officer who has been identified as Derek Chauvin pressing his knee against Floyd’s neck as he restrained the unarmed man who repeatedly pleaded for his life, saying “I can't breathe”.

According to The Washington Post, the officer released Floyd only upon the arrival of an ambulance. Floyd was taken to hospital and was later declared dead.

Here are some responses to Ivanka's tweet:

As angry protesters descended on the White House on Friday and Saturday, demanding justice for Floyd, Trump showed little sensitivity as he took to Twitter to label them as “thugs”. The tweet is no longer available on the platform.

On Saturday, he applauded the secret services for ensuring his safety and acting with restraint by preventing angry citizens from gaining entry to the White House. He said had they got in, they would have been “met by vicious dogs” and “ominous weapons”.