WATCH | Israeli DJs perform at site of October 7 attack on music festival

29 November 2023 - 09:05

On Tuesday Israeli electronic music DJs performed at the site where Hamas terrorists murdered more than 200 people on October 7 at the Nova music festival near the Gaza border. The site has become a symbol of Israeli resistance after harrowing footage was released of Hamas terrorists murdering innocent people during their attacks on southern Israel, according to Associated Press.

“This is the Nova festival where a lot of people were killed and 364 more were kidnapped. We thought we need to show the world what happened here so that everybody will understand who is right and who is wrong,” said Ben Zait who organised the event.

Bass and synthesisers were heard across the forested area while aeroplanes and drones swooped overhead during a lull in the fighting as a truce between Israel and Hamas entered its fifth day on Tuesday. As part of the truce, Hamas will release at least 50 hostages and Israel will release 150 Palestinian prisoners. 

Asher Swassi, whose stage name is DJ Skazi, said: “Music is something that unites us. It is what brought people to this place on October 7. For me it is difficult to use music as a tool for the war but sometimes this is what people want. I'm part of this war and I need to do my own thing here with the war.”