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Wondering how to keep up with the latest news and features on TimesLIVE, the best entertainment news and gossip on TshisaLIVE or the most explosive investigations done by the Sunday Times? It's easy – subscribe to one of our e-mail newsletters:

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  • Sunday Times: Every Sunday morning, get the highlights of the week’s Sunday Times in your inbox: hard-hitting news, analysis, opinion and more.
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  • Best of Opinions: We curate the best opinion pieces from our team of contributors who bring you informed, insightful and sometimes funny journalism
  • Big Stories: Catch up with all the big stories of the week on Tuesdays with a breakdown of the Sunday Times's biggest articles, on-day top stories and more, all in your inbox.
  • The Edit:  This where we bring you all things glorious in life. From fashion, beauty and the latest trends, you'll always feel that glow with this delicious content.
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subscribe Just R20 for the first month. Support independent journalism by subscribing to our digital news package.
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