ANC outraged over Wikipedia censorship

23 November 2011 - 22:57 By Sapa

The African National Congress feels the "censorship" done to their entry on Internet encyclopædia, Wikipedia, is "outright vandalism" and uncivilised, it has been reported.

Certain phrases on the webpage that described information about alleged corruption within the party were blacked out.

ANC spokesman Keith Khoza told News24 online that the changes to the webpage were not consistent with a civilised society.

"How does that assist any cause or anybody to tamper with information?" he asked.

"Interfering with information undermines the very need of [information providers]."

Wikipedia currently allows any Internet user to edit or change their pages.

The changes made to the ANC page were made in protest against Protection of State Information Bill which was passed by the National Assembly on Tuesday.

The bill was adopted with 229 to 107 votes by the 400-member chamber, and two abstentions.

Civil society organisations and members of the media reacted with outrage following the passing of the "secrecy bill", saying it was an attack on media freedom.

They promised that they would engage in acts of civil disobedience and would go to the Constitutional Court to have a public interest clause put into the bill.